The Lazy Man's Olde Fashioned

It's snowing in Madison. And I'm over muddling,


Library Clean Up

Musical standardization really sets my hard drive a-spin. The upside is watching my Play Density neatly propagate itself every Friday afternoon. The downside is shoddy labeling and useless metadata in my library. Nothing gets my goat like seeing an artist listed in my library 5 times because of an alternate spelling or extra space. To that end I've got my Artist, Album, and Genre fields Germanly regularized, along with well established conventions for listing featured artists, associating tracks, and assigning ratings. Until today though the Lyrics field has eluded my teutonical keystrokes due to a combination of its low visibility and relative inaccessibility in iTunes. Today I say, "No to @ThatHustle and no to this kind of crap on my screen." 

So, with a little help from Doug's Applescript site, I've modified some scripts to help me fix my Lyric Problem. And now you can too:
Lyric Playlist.zip
1. Care that you have random stuff in your lyrics field.
2. Own an Apple computer.
3. Download file: Lyric Playlist.zip and decompress it.
4. Run file.
  • This will search either your entire music library or a specific playlist, depending on what you have selected in iTunes at the time, and make a new playlist called "Lyricality" containing only those songs with between 1 and 200 characters in their Lyrics field. The 200 character limit should weed out tracks containing legitimate song lyrics.
5. Delete the lyrics info manually from the tracks in Lyricality, or use Doug's handy Delete Lyrics script to delete the lyrics field from selected tracks.

I feel better, do you?


TG Ds and DNs

  ➠ try to spatchcock a goose. It's not a chicken, get over it.

  ➠ cook your gingersnap crust for 45 minutes, Darcy.

  ➠ leave your matches next to the stove.

  ➠ mistake the garbage bowl for the salad bowl.

  ➠ wear Joanna's Turkey Hat at the dinner table.

  ➠ build a fire; roast your goose on a fire

  ➠ stay up late playing drinking games with your dad.

80% of Self-Worth

My defeat by the dark horse Lynda in the monthly QRANK Finals was hard to take. And yes, I did turn to spreadsheets in my hour of need. A Top-Chef Fantasy League? Ever heard of it? There's nothing like an award to get you back up on your feet though. My Sports All-Star came through this morning, leaving me just one short of the QRANK All-Star septfecta. It feels good, it really does.


Photo Day

I've always liked this picture of Evan and I because it captures how much of a dork Evan has always  been and how I was always a little too cool for school/easily distracted. Also, that I've always been a bit of a  drooler. And into belts with alligator buckles.

What I've never seen before is this behind-the-scenes footage. Look at that hair preparation! More importantly, what do you think finally made me give up on my brush and realize what my hair really needed was that comb? I've never gone back, brushes are for bozos.

Honestly though, I've only recently become too cool for school.
September 1987: 1st day of school