Colors of Argyle

This is a sweater I got on sale from JCrew last year. I think it is jauntily colourful. I tend to forget about it for some reason when thinking about what sweater to put on. That must make it feel neglected. I'm sorry sweater.

Also, you should appreciate the bearding going on here. This has been my most successful Beard Month ever. I correlate this with the 5 new chest hairs I have grown since last year. We will soon be entering mustache week though. Beware.


Sweatering in Phila., by a baby pig

I brought this sweater with me to Philadelphia anticipating cool weather, if not necessarily cold weather, on Thanksgiving. I anticipated incorrectly. Today's high was in the 70's I believe. That was good because it takes longer to cook a pig (c.f Darcy and the basting brush) in cold weather, but bad because it means I can't wear this sweater for long periods of time. And a pastel argyle of this quality deserves more face time than I can give it today. Darcy and I also have a special Thanksgiving Sweater Thursday surprise.

The Entire Barnebey Family+ clan celebrating Sweater Thursday.


A word to the wise: I can see over your seat on a plane. That means that when you get a picture message of your significant other's boobage after landing in Philadelphia, you should be a little more discrete about viewing it. Unless you wanted me to see it of course. Which is actually much worse.


Mustache Rides

One thing that has become clear after last weekend: wearing a mustache makes everything more fun. Rumor is that the Jensens are jealous that we beat them to the punch with the 'Stache Bash. I say there're enough mustaches to go around (I found 7 of them strewn about my apartment Sunday morning), so we should all be wearing them on a regular basis.


Today on Saturday Socks: High Schoolers

These are the socks I wore last night. I took them to a party where there were high schoolers playing flip cup. One of them was a Ginger. I had an urge to sock them, instead I schooled them on the Flip Cup Table. And that's what I did on my 26th birthday.


A Long Line of Stripes (on Sweaters)

More Stripes. Grey and Yellow this time. My sweater closet is full of stripes. Still to come: green stripes on white, blue and gray stripes on brown, and gray and pink on white. This week's photo shoot happened at the dart board, which I finally put up yesterday. I mounted it on a canvas this year, but haven't yet decided what should be art-ed onto the canvas.


Socky Socks

Alright Jobonga, I'll play your game. Today is the first in an occasional series entitled Saturday Socks.

Instead of pairing socks[N] with a person I would do, I will pair my socks with a person I would like to sock[V]. This week's person is Nicole Ricci: Really, who doesn't want to sock Nicole Ricci? Nobody. What a cunt.


Who Let the Sweater Out?

I'm going to run out of places to take pictures of my sweaters long before I actually run out of sweaters. This morning the photo shoot occurred out on my front stoop. The sweater: a yellow Lacoste v-neck.

Here I am relaxin'

And here I am with the paper, chillin'.



To begin, I have a bit of commentary on the Essay Topic, "Prove how uncool you are", itself. I find this formulation suspect. Do we get a merit badge or something if we score high enough on the uncoolometer? And more importantly, who's operating the uncoolometer. Hopefully not the lame-oids that created this list that Lucia found:

I got a list on some x-box internet site from teenage boys (it includes many many many references to their genitals), sunglasses, a good cell phone, listening to cool music, a MySpace group that forces you to prove how cool you are, and then a discussion of some book called The Tipping Point on how new ideas become widely accepted.
Because that's not very cool. Anyway, my point is that when 'cool' has come to mean 'uncool' and 'uncool' has become something you prove yourself as being so that you can be cool, we are in a strange place. That being said, I'll play along.

1. As has been hinted at before, I'm a geographile. I can recite the capitals of the 50 states, the 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories (although the new one Nunavut still causes me problems sometimes), and pretty much all the national capitals of the world (with the exception of the Lesser Antilles and Oceania, because really, that's just too many islands to keep track of). I also really enjoy maps. This is uncool because being cool requires that one maintains an aloof superscilious attitide towards all things (except one's appearance) at all times. By learning capitals and studying maps I have demostrated interest in things outside of my immediate. -5 cools

2. I found the use of 'can' as a bare verb in both Lucia's and 11Frogs' posts exciting. It's not cool to get excited. Especially about verbs. -6 cools

3. I do the NY Times crossword everyday, even though after Thursday I can rarely finish. Not only is the NY Times not cool (lack of aloofness), newspapers themselves aren't cool (too learny), nor is continuing to do something you can't succeed at cool. -4 cools

4. I know that the grammaticality of the following sentences means that I have unrestrictive quantifier binding:
Every boy's sister opened his mail.
Alice talked about every director's report and his possible resignation.
and I am curious if they are grammatical for you as well (are they?). I'll just go ahead and say it, Linguistics isn't cool. -2 cools

Total: 17 points less than cool.


Bearding Through the Ages

For anyone who does not know, November is Beard Month. During these 30 days, all those who can, refrain from touching razor to face in righteous celebration of the Beard. A brief photo-essay of past beards:
Beard Month 2002. Rochester, NY. This may or may not be from my 21st Birthday Party.

The full extent of the beard in 2002, as seen during the Triathalon.

Beard Month 2005. Tommy may have participated for a week. Otherwise I was living with baldfaces.

Beards during Beard Month 2006. Taken at my 25th Birthday Party.

Beard Month 2006 T-shirt. Slogans (and orders) for the '07 shirt will be accepted through November 9th.

The final Beard in '06.

As November comes to an end some choose to continue their revelry and participate in Mustache Week, which is conveniently celebrated during the 1st week of December.

Sweatering in the Laundry Room

Here's a sweater and me by the sink. It's laundry day, and the first day of Beard Month.