Sad Chairs

I recently purchased a book of 50 Sad chairs from ½-Price Books. It's just 50 pictures of chairs, that are sad. A sampling:

Here We Go Again.

The best thing about being unemployed is that when someone calls you on a Sunday night and asks if you want to go to Potosi, WI in the morning to celebrate Marty King Jr.'s, you can say yes. And mean it.

I did mean it, and in the morning we were on our way to Wisconsin's 3rd coast with both a soundtrack and clearly defined goals. Southwestern Wisconsin, the proudly unglaciated portion of the state, was at our fingertips!

With the Mustard Museum on the move, we took the opportunity  to explore some of the area's other treasures. We'd stop by The Dickeyville Groto on our way home (my 2nd visit!), but first we wanted a little history/mystery in our lives. Hello Belmont Leslie, WI, the birthplace of a great state! We came into this experience with a few misperceptions:

1. The State of Wisconsin's 1st capitol was never located here; Wisconsin Territory's 1st territorial legislature meet here for a month and a half during the winter of 1836. And then promptly voted to make Madison the new capitol. Not the same.

2. Despite the sizable Belmont Mound a mile down the road, seemingly the perfect place for a statehouse, the First Capitol buildings are not there. [see #1, RE: not a real capitol] Also, they're on concrete foundations.

3. The First Capitol Historical Site is not open between the months of September & June.

Despite these set backs we celebrated with a quick game of Wisconsin Territory Legislator & Indian.
Legislator & Indian

After a quick stop through UW-Platteville (go Pioneers.), we were off across the ice-fogged hill & vale of County Rte. B. Our goal–The Potosi Brewing Company, home to Good Old Potosi beer and The National Brewery  Museum. What I was expecting: a brewery, a museum, a small town. What I was not expecting: the number of hollows we drove through/by. Take that glacial floe.

We never actually made it to the museum portion of the brewery, but they did give us a free slice of pie. Let's not call it a dream deferred, just a dream for another day.


Doing it in pen is nothing compared to doing it in type.

Skill learneduse of the ½-space functionality. It's the only way to get yourself into all those little boxes that aren't quite 2 spaces apart.

Sweater; Roof; Typewriter

I got a typewriter in the mail today. It's a sleek little guy, and he came complete with a red & black ribbon, a #1 key(!), and an Operating Instruction pamphlet. This proved surprisingly useful early on in our relationship when it detailed how to set my line-spacing. The only thing he seems to be missing is a Tab key, which I'm not sure how my future typewriting experiences will be affected by yet.

Actually, this seemed like the perfect time to be a little affected. So I put on a sweater, a tie, and a pair of saddle shoes. And then got to typing.


The New Year's Sway

Early in the new year we headed out to the lake, for no good reason at all. Jumpshots, Samurai, and general merriment followed. I had recently found my camera in a snow bank, left from a snowangel the night before, and discovered that exposure to sub-zero temperatures is not one of the myriad of ways to break my camera. With a functioning camera, limited visibility, and a highly bundled audience, it was the perfect opportunity for a New Year's Sway.

New Years/New Flavors

I can't wait to drink this out of a tiny glass boot.


Crapples2Crapples: A Brief History

»April 17th, 2009: the as yet unnamed Crapples2Crapples is conceived over beers at the Silver Dollar, post-Apples To Apples play at The Terrace.

»April 23rd, 2009: Apples to Apples, v. 2.0 googledoc created and shared with original participants; inaugural entry now forever lost to history.

»August 20-25th, 2009: Logo Contest/Logo Selection

»September 1st, 2009: Five Crapples2Crapples sets arrive in 1 perfectly sized cardtub; Booster Pack 1 googledoc begun.

»September-December, 2009: Crapples begins making appearances across the nation [Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Crandon].

»December 22th, 2009: Booster Pack 1 arrives, full sets sent to Boston; Philadelphia. Crapples now located in 5 cities nationwide [Madison, Milwaukee, Iowa City, Philadelphia, & Boston]

»January 18th, 2010: Boston submits requests for 2 additional sets.

It's been a meteoric rise, all made possible by copyright infringement! What's next? Booster Pack 2, coming this spring to a city near you. A short preview of what to expect:



Which would you rather?

1. Sliced apple with hempseed butter:

2. Fried baby octopuses:

Don't chose #1.


Have you met our new blog?

Do you know if the Bunny merger went through? How about what is, or is not, up with that? The size of a stermp vis-à-vis a stamp? Or when the limbo contest is going to start, not to mention how you're going to start it.

In an effort to keep the rest of the world abreast of what we're talking about, we have compiled our most often referenced video clips at  Bob Loblaw's Video Log Blog, & Emporium. Consider it recommended viewing.


Inks on the Graphs


1. Name something, anything.
2. Everybody draw it, quickly.
3. Judge it.

           Column 1: Dinosaur                                                  Column 2: The Pump & Call

Page 10 of...

When 2010 was just around the corner we took the opportunity to get ourselves out of Dodge—and into a weekend of homemade log cabin lounging. 

Supplies needed:
1 homemade cabin
5 99¢ pizzas
3 cameras
7 people
1 typewriter

Games were played, dranks were drank, and Kumbaya was sung by two men with their eyes closed; all before our first proximity alarm went off. Luckily it was just an 11 minute warning, which gave us plenty of time to prepare for midnight. Per Katie's request, we then put everything else into fast-motion. By the time '010 rolled in we were knee deep in champagne, and pictures of champagne.

Soon after, I was knee deep in snow, which is a nice way to start any year. Then I decided to leave my camera in my left angel-hole over night. I know waking up New Year's morning without a camera seems like something I would have done already, but I don't think it was. Whitney experiences losing a camera in a novel way—Oh Ten

It was a bittersweet moment when I spotted it still sitting in my angel sometime the  next afternoon; saying goodbye can be so hard. But it turned out to be a classic win-win-win situation when it came back on: I won, my camera won, and the succeeding jumpshots definitely won!

Capping off the night at Hammertime, Crandon, WI's premier sports bar LLC, was the only thing left to do. So we did. And by capping I mean drinking beers out of caps. And dancing the polka to that AC/DC classic, Highway To Hell.

Rating: 9 Ws, out of a possible 10 Ws


Jumping In the New Year

Aught '10 looks to be a good year.