Wienersaurus Rex: The King of the Wienersaurs

This morning, after getting up from my nap, I noticed I'd received a short email from Alyssa at StudentPrint. Alyssa was just writing to let me know my order was ready to be picked up, and I'm really glad she did. I had come perilously close to physically throwing an 85 year old man out of the coxswain seat this morning, before the sun had even come up, so it was nice to find out that our  box of Crapples cards was waiting for me. Everything was coming up Barnebey!

Conveniently, all 5 sets fit perfectly into this cardtub they gave me. And now they're all sitting in our apartment. Waiting for Game Night. I don't know how long I can wait.


schmatie said...

1. They look BEAUTIFUL
2. I got pulled over on the way to my first day of school today. Things were NOT coming up Barnebey (Schmaling?) for me today.
3. Chain Gang, Working on the

Jobonga said...

When is game night and what cocktail should I bring?

wb said...

Due to residual bad karma in your kar, I hope that wasn't.