Iowan Purchases

Awhile ago Joanna made a couple of key purchases at a yard sale out in bucolic Iowa City, IA. I picture it out on the front lawn of a sedate mid-century bungalow, but I wasn't there so I don't really know.  The important part is that she came away with a Scribbage set and a new cooler, not whether or not that talkative little grandmother from my imagination was actually there.

Scribbage, despite its portmanteau qualities, is completely unrelated to the game of Cribbage; it's really more of a Scrabble/Yahtzee/Boggle hybrid. If you haven't played, you should come visit me or Joanna as soon as possible.

Becks, igloo cooler
The other purchase, a small igloo Lunchmate now known as The Becks! Cooler, hasn't provided as many gaming opportunities, but easily makes up for any shortcoming there with the sheer number of ice cold drinks we've enjoyed from its tub section. Without it we would never have survived our odyssean trips to Oklahoma City and Antigo, WI.

We don't know why The Becks/Becks family needed to identify their cooler so thoroughly, but we do find ourselves yelling "Becks! Becks! Becks!" in celebration sometimes.

In a related story, my intake of Becks beer has increased significantly.
Becks! Becks! Becks!, Multiples


Alex said...

What. No Crapples to Crapples this time?

wb said...

Alex, I'm glad you asked—this was actually during a Crapples game! Not only that, it was the Lounsberry sisters' 1st Crapples/Apples experience. Momentous.