The Continuing Story of Density, Play

If you've been hoping that I was going to stop talking about this Play Density thing sometime soon, skip ahead now. If you've been waiting to hear about the latest developments, I've got just the thing for you!

First up is some new terminology via the brother Evan—The Densitometer, i.e. the tool that measures the densitosity of a song in the burgeoning field of Densitometry. This was the sole useful contribution that came from our lengthy, multi-day email exchange we had on the topic last week. It wasn't worth it.

Next in line, the long awaited playlist function! Finally, a playlist of your Dearest Densest songs. It's like they're just lined up waiting to be played again. This requires a little bit of applescripting; it's like regular scripting, but on a Mac. Don't try it on a PC. Also, don't judge me on my questionable skripting skillz.

1 Macintosh
1 updated Play Density excel document [see previous post for setup instructions]
1 AppleScript application [available below]
1 double click of the mouse

What you'll need to do:
⓵ open that file in your AppleScript Editor
⓶ change the values at the top of the document for file_path and file_name to suite your own computer/file location
file_path is where you keep your Play Density documents in correct "Hard Drive Name:Users:user name:folder name:" format
file_name is the name of your Play Density excel document
PD shot

⓷ choose Save As from the File menu and set File Format to Application
⓸ double click your newly saved application
⓹ wait while Excel gets itself together
⓺ watch as iTunes populates your playlist
⓻ indulge your STOS

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