There's been a little bit of a Scramble revolution in my life recently thanks to a certain chrome covered iPhone. I couldn't believe that I couldn't get a shitty version for the LG Dare, so I was glad to see that Facebook has me and my new addiction covered.

I'm still having a hard time accepting some of the included words of the Scramble dictionary though. Apparently my eclectic Scrabble dictionary knowledge is good enough to cause Barnebey family quarrels, but not enough to prepare me for the Scramble board. That mysterious evergreen shrub, KAT, I think I can handle, but FUNNER really gets me. I'm glad I guessed it anyway since it is actually a Scrabbler. Now I know.

But then there's TWAT. Not a Scrabble word. And should definitely be worth more than 2 points. What made me upsettest though was that I didn't play it, Katie did.

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