Of Sunglasses, but more importantly, a snake in the grass.

Umm, Darcy. Let's try out those brakes on the old Hypocrisy Highway. Your post here is both disingenuous and flippant. First of all I seem to remember a certain height-challenged American in Lisbon not wanting to buy said sunglasses. More importantly, if not for the pressure applied by yours truly you would never have tried on the sunglasses that you now seem to use as your ticket to the cool, hip, and trendy in the first place. That's right, I found them, I made you try them on, I convinced you that you looked good in them, I made you buy them, I even invited you to Portugal. So sorry, you are not invited to the hip parade, you do not pass GO, and you do not collect $200.

Oh, and while it is true that I have an array of $5 sunglasses at my disposal, I will be traveling with only two pairs in California: one Diesel, the other Nautica, both of which I'll be flossin' from the front seat as we're driving down the 101 with the top down. Let me know how those hot Portuguese lookers work out for you in the back seat.



The following is a work of fiction:

One night a guy went to the Essen Haus to meet some friends. They were drinking boots of Spaten Optimator. On the way home he got hit by a car. The end.

Also, there are some interesting ideas here.


Foods I Have Loved

Last night I dreamt that I was a pancake. Not any special pancake, like blueberry, or chocolate chip, just a pancake. Oh, but I could fly. Which I guess is special, though it didn't seem like it at the time. I and some other non-pancakes were engaged in some type of epic battle with a nefarious being. Maybe a bottle of sub-par maple syrup, I don't remember. Anyway, the dream ended after I was trying to fly over a waterfall but got stuck on a rock. The last thing I remember was that my pancake body was starting to tear. Then I woke up. This rates as one of my strangest dreams ever, along with the infamous dream in which I got punched in the face, then woke up with a bloody nose.

In other news, on Friday I had a burrito with french fries in it. I don't have a good explanation as to why this happened since no such thing was actually on the menu of the place we were eating. I do know that it was amazing. After a brief review of what wouldn't be better with french fries in it (very little) I am now considering putting together a business plan for a restaurant based solely on adding french fries to foods that are normally considered completely self-sufficient without them.

Update: A little research has shown that a burrito with french fries in it is colloquially referred to as a "California Burrito". As I'm still pretty sure that no one is making a "California Meatloaf" I think I'm still in business.