Notes from Philadelphia

I've been here for a week and a half already, and still haven't finished any papers. As far as I know I'm still a student at the University of Wisconsin, but I also might not be.

Anyway, some other things have been accomplished:

1. Wednesday night a Barnebey family meeting was called. We met at The Urban Cafe over dinner. Here's a postcard:It may look like it's in the middle of the Cultural District of Germantown Philadelphia, but infact, there is no Cultural District of Germantown Philadelphia. Instead it's across the street from the former neighborhood middle school, and between the chinese takeout place and the car wash. Not classy, but very Germantown. And there's always someone in there we know, somehow.

First on the agenda was the Barnebey Family Vacation 2008: Mucho Maine-o, which takes place the 1st week of August. Nobody really knew how they were getting there yet. Darcy's apartment figured prominently in several people's plans, although she didn't really know it yet. Surprise! We also finalized the menu for the week, which will be as follows: Maine Monday, Tuscan Tuesday, Oaxacan Wednesday, and French Friday. Next up, when is Welsh Wednesday occurring? Wednesday June 4th. Easy. And finally, what are we going to do with all the buffalo meat that the Morman contingent sent us? Answer, Wild West Wednesday, Wednesday May 28th. Here is Kermit, dressed for the occasion:Tap root beer and whiskey served as the drink for the evening, a surprisingly good mix. It has been christened an Old West. Try it. Also on the menu were biscuits, blue-cornbread, a spicy coleslaw, and baked beans, along with the buffalo steaks and buffalo burgers.

2. Memorial Day with the brothers was survived. See pictures and videos here of people you may or may not know, drinking and cavorting in The Poconos for 4 days. 7's, 11's, Double's was introduced to the group early in the weekend and proved to be a hit. Saturday we started the power hour at 11:30 AM. We drank a bottle of both Abosult APeach and Absolut Pears, which seems to be some type of Memorial Day tradition with these people. And finished a baby keg of The Golden Monkey, a 9.5% beer. Of course there were Keystone Lights on hand to aid in the completion of the Keystone Challenges. Being in the Keystone State, these were mandatory.

3. I baked a strawberry-rhubarb pie from scratch, preparing for my next career once I get kicked out of school.

4. Tonight, we will be cooking dinner on the wood grille for the 5th time this week. My greatest success!


An End to Sweaters

We've had an impressive run, it's been an entire school year, but it's time to call the kids in for dinner, playtime's over. In honor of my final Sweater Thursday (of the year?) my photo editor and I have composed a montage of sorts:

This half-zip cable knit is a favorite of mine. Until this morning, I was under the impression that it had already made it's way out to play on Sweater Thursday. I'm glad that I realized this mistake before it was too late to be corrected. Here we are with Lake Mendota in the background.

An American Flag flutters over our shoulders.

In outline, with the blue skies of America over head.

Above: I walk by this cannon everyday on my way to/from work/school. Today I took a picture with it. This is somehow related to the Civil War, during which time Camp Randall was not a large sports complex but a large military training ground. The cannons are there to remind us of this.

Below: Extra color or no color. Your choice.



i can has capitlz

The LING Department's student organization is currently holding elections for its undergraduate co-president (as opposed to its graduate co-president). There are two candidates. One of them wrote her entire platform without ever capitalizing the pronoun 'I'. i have one Question for Her: did you think that would go over well with YOUR intended audience?


I have become unsweatered.

When I left for class today it was 70℉ and sunny. I did not wear a sweater. It is currently 60℉ and about to rain. I am going to the library. And I am wearing a sweater.