An End to Sweaters

We've had an impressive run, it's been an entire school year, but it's time to call the kids in for dinner, playtime's over. In honor of my final Sweater Thursday (of the year?) my photo editor and I have composed a montage of sorts:

This half-zip cable knit is a favorite of mine. Until this morning, I was under the impression that it had already made it's way out to play on Sweater Thursday. I'm glad that I realized this mistake before it was too late to be corrected. Here we are with Lake Mendota in the background.

An American Flag flutters over our shoulders.

In outline, with the blue skies of America over head.

Above: I walk by this cannon everyday on my way to/from work/school. Today I took a picture with it. This is somehow related to the Civil War, during which time Camp Randall was not a large sports complex but a large military training ground. The cannons are there to remind us of this.

Below: Extra color or no color. Your choice.


Jobonga said...

I'm all teary.

Alex said...

It's the end of an era.

Alex said...

I want me more posts! Stat.