Another Sunday

The more times that Evan calls to wake me up early on a Sunday morning, the more times I'm going to blog about chopping wood. Somebody has to be concerned about our wood supply though, so it might as well be the working class Barnebey. This Sunday we ended up at this log pile in Malvern with a U-Haul pickup. Next to a bunch of logs that we couldn't put into our U-Haul pickup. Jay, the owner of the pile, used his Bobcat to help us get our wood load in, but there really wasn't a plan to get our load out.

Operations Management
Turns out, all we needed were our hands and a couple of hard thrusts.

At least we did get a perfect chopping block out of the whole deal.
I told you.

Honestly though, that guy on the left? The real deal. Don't let the half-chopped round fool you, Evan's got nothing on him. Which is why David will soon be going semi-pro in Europe. And surprisingly enough that is a true statement.


Suck it, Marky.

Finally. It all pays off.

BLET, to cross the 200-Point Lead Barrier.


The Hammer and Stumper

A couple of weeks ago my dad demanded that we spend a Saturday ripping out the entire side patio, leveling it, and then re-laying it all over again. And all because he thought those rustic hills and dales were becoming dangerous. As usual with our home remodeling/landscaping endeavors, this patio isn't perfect—don't look at those lines too closely. It is masterfully mediocre though, and vastly adequate. And it was just waiting to be broken in with an event happening. 

Enter: The 3 Chickens. One mustard barbeque, one honey jalapeño, one bleu cheese stuffed buffalo. All three spatchcocked and brined. Grilling time: 2 hours.

Other benefits of this re-newed, re-leveled patio? It's finally flat enough to support a stump pile. I've been saving that top stump special.

We may not have the appropriate hammer but at least we've got these old timey nails. And the added excitement of tetanus.

This beer garden is really starting to come together. The Boot is already well established, and now The Stump? It's like Das kleine München over here. We're even on Foursquare.

Morning left-overs.


The 3-Variety Pack

In the midst of a spate of spatchcocking, brining, and broiling last night, we realized we only had 3 varieties of Revolution Ales available. Which seemed strange. Because variety packs usually come with  4 &/or 6 varieties. Yards apparently feels the same way:

Maybe they're still working on Robert Morris's favorite, Tavern Lending Tree.
In other news, Alonzo does the dishes: '011!



You should watch me chop wood sometime. I'm really good at it.

Hammering old nails into stumps? Mediocre.

Even this guy beat me.