Heavy, wet snow.

There is nothing better to build a snowball than heavy wet snow. But we'll come back to that. First we need to talk about the Text Message War currently being waged in WI.

It started last Wednesday night. The 21st of February. Mine was the first offensive move, a discrete text from a friend's phone sent without their knowledge. The content simple, 'I like you', the genius laid in the recipient. The blow back came Saturday during the send off of Rosemblat. A text came in from joanna reminiscing about my walk (and other, more personal things). Soon she was reading that I LIKE HER ALOT. Unfortunately for my adversary, that's actually true. And yes, in that way. What I was not counting on was an "I like you" texted several hours later, to a much more vulnerable target. It has yet to be determined what the long term effects of this latest "I like you" will be.

But back to the snow, and the snowballs. Close your eyes and imagine with me... It's 2:15 AM on a Sunday in Madison, WI. The city is in the middle of a blizzard. The roads are non-functional, the buses are not running, and it's bar time. The influx of warm, intoxicated bodies onto the street quickly results in an all out snowball fight between the two sides of State St. And what a fight it was. Now, I've been a part of some fairly large snow offensives in my time; Germantown is a tough neighborhood, not to mention the intensity of Scoggins' Ball, but this was of a new order. The perfect conditions of heavy, wet snow combined with a surfeit of enthusiastic participants produced the best snowball fight I can remember. I lost feeling in my hands on at least 3 occasions, nailed numerous targets (plus a bunch of defenseless girls), and took out 1 street light. That's a good Saturday night.


Flip Cup. Who even came up with this game? A visionary, that's who. Someone who could see the future of drinking games, and made it happen. Speaking of which, last night I made it happen. After walking 2 blocks in a blizzard I entered a basement. My fingers were cold, but my mouth was thirsty. Thirsty for victory. Only later did I realize that I had brought the domination with me. One thing I did learn: I am not a good whiskey flipper.

Later we ran to the KK. This was actually very dangerous being that Madison had not yet decided to plow. The KK was dirty as usual, but the real point here is the A-bar. Two things came out of this:

1. Girls from Jersey just don't get it.
2. We Built This City on Rock and Roll


Omelettes and Methamphetamines

This morning wasn't looking to be a good day. I over cooked my eggs to start with. I should have stayed with my tried and true, two eggs over medium, but I went with the omelette instead. I'm actually really good at the over medium. Based on my experience ordering them at dining establishments, better than most people working a griddle out there. Omelets I've never done as well with though.

Anyway, the point is I wasn't happy with my breakfast. And then the group emails started coming in about the linguistics exam next week, almost as if we didn't have a TA meeting yesterday to figure that out. Then there was the call alerting me that Wendy might have died, which she knows she's not supposed to do. I had actually been worried about this already, so I had to make quick use of the telephone. Having satisfied myself that she wasn't dead, I went to 101 lecture to do the crossword. That's pretty much what I do every Monday and Wednesday at 12:05, and because it's only mon. and wed. I usually do pretty well on the crosswords. Not today. I think I filled in about 5 clues, 2 of which I would later realize were wrong. This was the low point of February 21st, 2007 (Yesterday's low point occurred sometime around 8:00 PM Central Time as UW completed their loss to Michigan State).

Discouraged, I gave up on the crossword, turned to the front page, and read this. It lifted my spirits. Thank god I'm not smoking meth with the whores down the hallway. Oh, and later I finished the crossword. The watershed moment being:

Clue #20A: Slangy question from a benefactor, maybe
whos your daddy)

Quickly followed by:
Clue #36A: 1964 party song by Manfred Mann
wah diddy diddy)
Clue #50A: Stuffy sort
fuddy duddy)

Once you get those long 3 the rest just fall into place, although I will admit that the iliac artery did throw me for a loop at first. Darcy, I'll assume you would have known this and award you 1 point.


The Rind

You know why I like a cheese rind? Because it's good. And it's good for your teeth too. Some might say it is the essence of the very cheese itself. I wouldn't, the cheese is the cheese, but some people might. A careful examination of a rind can be quite informative though. Sort of like the phrenology of the dairy world, without the calipers.