The Fauxcean Sway

Joanna once made the claim that all great cities are on a lake. Then she used Buffalo, NY and Pittsburgh, PA as examples; the later of course not actually being on a lake and the former being Buffalo, NY. Not to mention Cleveland, The Mistake by the Mi-lake. I'll give her Milwaukee though. It and its Great Lake can put on a pretty good show.


The Personal Porch

My new personal sized porch is perfect for me and 1.5 of my friends. As long as I sit on the roof.


A Proletarian Logo Selection

The time is nigh for voting. Below are the final 12 crappy entries in our Crapples to Crapples logo competition.

a. The Grumpy Crapple
Crumpy Crapple

b. The Skulls IV
 Skull & Cores

c. I Dream of Crapples
Wormy Apple

d. Run Crapple, Run!

e. For Whom the Crapple Shits

f. I have a surprise for you...

g. A Warm Crapple Pie
Pile of Shit

h. Logo-a-gogo
 Image Logo

i. Team Crapples
Baseball Logo

j. The Crapple in the Mirror (Make That Change)
Mirror Logo

k. Crappletini
 Stanky Worm

l. There's a Turd in my toilet, Dear Crapple Dear Crapple.
Toilet Worm


The Cock of the Walk

CIMG5982You've seen him in your recent past.

Joanna must have known she was going to meet another one at the Columbia County Fair. She wore his favorite pattern.



The submissions are pouring in.


I Want YOU... to draw a logo.

Crapples Draft
It's all happening. With 743 nouns and 267 adjectives our Crapples cards are ready to be printed, laminated, and cut. We have a preliminary design [see left]; but we're still in need of a logo. Something that says: "We're funny!", or "This game is almost exactly like Apples to Apples®, but not, due to copywrite infringement laws." Think of the glory—the fame! Your design on our new favorite game!

Submissions will be accepted at my email inbox until the 25th of August, or until whenever we go to the printers. Top submissions will be judged via online voting sometime next week.

P.s. Remember, logos need to work on both the red and green cardstock we're going to be printing on.

P.p.s. There's still time to add more items &/or descriptions.

P.p.p.s. Did you know the only skills needed for Apples to Apples are Social Skills?


In Which Things are Shelved


The great thing about moving is that once you've gotten rid of all that junk you don't need any more, you can go get some more stuff. We made a stop by St. Vinny's over the weekend and came away with some kitchen shelving and a magazine holder for the bathroom. When I checked out with my new mug and bowl [see above] I realized I'm currently in my Yellow Period.


Later I found this piece in the basement. It had some thick layers of dust, but I like its Farmhouse-style. It's the first bookshelf I've ever owned, so I finally have a place for my dictionaries. The 1938 Unabridged Webster's is the prize of the collection, plus it goes well with my 1943 globe.

The presidents were so simple back then.


I Can't Fall Asleep

Don't look

It's not the vampires of True Blood you need to be scared of, it's the advertisements.


They're not mine, but I live with them.

I have two new animals in my life. The cat likes to sit under my desk; the sheep likes to sit under my feet. 


Fest O' di Pesto

My oldest brother was born 32 years ago on Friday. Luckily I happened to be back in Philadelphia for a few days before we head up to a cabin in Pennsyltucky for the week. I'd missed the other brother (the stupid one)'s 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I was glad I didn't have to forgo another event at the B²G². And this time I brought cheeseheads for all the Barnebey Boys! It wasn't an EEE, but we did have 3 varieties of pesto. Have you ever had a mint pesto? What about a cilantro? Highlights of the night included the wood grilled legs of lambs, the boots of beers, and Ben Sears (the backdoor neighbor)'s speech about how the rest of the world needed to be more like the Barnebey's side yard. I don't remember going to bed.

But today was also jumentous momentous. I bought a deck of cards that I'm pretty sure was manufactured sometime during the Truman administration. For 25¢! They're red and say Aries on the backs. There's even a special explainer card that lets you know that Aries are idealistic and enthusiastic. Then we came home and played several rounds of Euchre, over Yuenglings. Spell that 3 times fast. And Joanna called! We discussed how she had been ruining situations left &/or right for awhile now. She made a resolution to start choosing fun. The Play Density spread. I love Saturdays.


This Moving is Making Me Nervey

Last Friday I moved out of the basement apartment. Maybe it was because I was out of moving-practice, but it was a terrible moving-experience. I needed a road trip, to calm my nerves! So I went up to Minneapolis to see Leslie. Don't worry, I stopped for Taco Bell on the way.

Friday night's extreme storm almost ruined our night on the rooftops of Uptown, but it didn't. We did come perilously close to never speaking to each other again after the Dirty Jersey themed party bus experience Saturday night, but we're not going to talk about that. Luckily for our friendship, Sunday went just the way a Sunday should go. Drinks by the pool at Calhoun Beach Club during the day, one of Whitney's homemade dinners, and some cab rides around downtown at night. And a tequila bar! That always makes for a good night.