Fest O' di Pesto

My oldest brother was born 32 years ago on Friday. Luckily I happened to be back in Philadelphia for a few days before we head up to a cabin in Pennsyltucky for the week. I'd missed the other brother (the stupid one)'s 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I was glad I didn't have to forgo another event at the B²G². And this time I brought cheeseheads for all the Barnebey Boys! It wasn't an EEE, but we did have 3 varieties of pesto. Have you ever had a mint pesto? What about a cilantro? Highlights of the night included the wood grilled legs of lambs, the boots of beers, and Ben Sears (the backdoor neighbor)'s speech about how the rest of the world needed to be more like the Barnebey's side yard. I don't remember going to bed.

But today was also jumentous momentous. I bought a deck of cards that I'm pretty sure was manufactured sometime during the Truman administration. For 25¢! They're red and say Aries on the backs. There's even a special explainer card that lets you know that Aries are idealistic and enthusiastic. Then we came home and played several rounds of Euchre, over Yuenglings. Spell that 3 times fast. And Joanna called! We discussed how she had been ruining situations left &/or right for awhile now. She made a resolution to start choosing fun. The Play Density spread. I love Saturdays.


schmatie said...

What's with the apostrophe/s on on the outside of the parentheses?

I think I just wrote the word parentheses for the first time in my life.

wb said...

(It)'s exotic, right?