I Want YOU... to draw a logo.

Crapples Draft
It's all happening. With 743 nouns and 267 adjectives our Crapples cards are ready to be printed, laminated, and cut. We have a preliminary design [see left]; but we're still in need of a logo. Something that says: "We're funny!", or "This game is almost exactly like Apples to Apples®, but not, due to copywrite infringement laws." Think of the glory—the fame! Your design on our new favorite game!

Submissions will be accepted at my email inbox until the 25th of August, or until whenever we go to the printers. Top submissions will be judged via online voting sometime next week.

P.s. Remember, logos need to work on both the red and green cardstock we're going to be printing on.

P.p.s. There's still time to add more items &/or descriptions.

P.p.p.s. Did you know the only skills needed for Apples to Apples are Social Skills?

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