This Moving is Making Me Nervey

Last Friday I moved out of the basement apartment. Maybe it was because I was out of moving-practice, but it was a terrible moving-experience. I needed a road trip, to calm my nerves! So I went up to Minneapolis to see Leslie. Don't worry, I stopped for Taco Bell on the way.

Friday night's extreme storm almost ruined our night on the rooftops of Uptown, but it didn't. We did come perilously close to never speaking to each other again after the Dirty Jersey themed party bus experience Saturday night, but we're not going to talk about that. Luckily for our friendship, Sunday went just the way a Sunday should go. Drinks by the pool at Calhoun Beach Club during the day, one of Whitney's homemade dinners, and some cab rides around downtown at night. And a tequila bar! That always makes for a good night.


mynda said...

Two things. This video made me miss you. Very nice haircut.

Alex said...

Where'd you move to?

wb said...

Eastside, baby.