A Proletarian Logo Selection

The time is nigh for voting. Below are the final 12 crappy entries in our Crapples to Crapples logo competition.

a. The Grumpy Crapple
Crumpy Crapple

b. The Skulls IV
 Skull & Cores

c. I Dream of Crapples
Wormy Apple

d. Run Crapple, Run!

e. For Whom the Crapple Shits

f. I have a surprise for you...

g. A Warm Crapple Pie
Pile of Shit

h. Logo-a-gogo
 Image Logo

i. Team Crapples
Baseball Logo

j. The Crapple in the Mirror (Make That Change)
Mirror Logo

k. Crappletini
 Stanky Worm

l. There's a Turd in my toilet, Dear Crapple Dear Crapple.
Toilet Worm


schmatie said...

Can you tell me who violated the "hand drawn rule"?

It's good and going to win and I need to know who to be mad at.

wb said...

Looks like you underestimated Joanna. How routine.

wb said...

We're going to the printer.