My Favorite Hoarding

This topic was difficult for me. I am no minimalist, I'm not even a Moderatilist. I have a lot of things and I like most of them. Inside I know that I could rival Darcy in her Consumer ways. That being said, I had several thoughts about what my favorite possession is.

First I thought of my camera. The immediate problem here is that I've owned a lot of different cameras. And more relevantly, it's really the pictures I like so much, not the camera. As collections of things were declared illegal, that excluded my collection of pictures, which was my second thought. As well as my collections of mustards, sweaters, and socks. My 3rd, 4th, and 5th thoughts respectively. Next my grandfather's globe from 1943 came to mind. This had a number of things going for it:
1. It was my grandfather's and he's dead now.
2. I really like maps (see previous post).
3. The political boundaries of the world were very different in 1943 than they are from today, 1939, and 1946.
4. It lights up.

Anyway, I really like the globe, and I've had it since I was a kid. But I don't think it's actually my favorite possession. That has to go to this picture:
Anyone who's ever lived with me certainly recognizes it, since it's hung in my room since it was taken. Both of the older Barnebey children have similar poster sized prints around somewhere. Unfortunately the negatives to these have been lost, so there's no reprinting them. Last year I had it framed as the previous 6 years of apartment/dorm living had been particularly hard on it. Now I like it even more.

I think this explains a lot about me.


tommy said...

You know, I lived with you for 2 years, known you a total of 4, and am just now aware that that picture is actually of you. I thought it was just some random chubby, pasty little kid.

Shows how much I pay attention.

DarcyM said...

Why has your mane been tamed?

I don't know how you could even begin to rival me in consumerism. Don't make claims you can't back up.

Lucia said...

your hair! ha ha. I have some good pictures of it on the way to that.

and, if you ever contemplate internet dating you will definitely want to work this post into your ad somehow. You will be overrun.

wb said...

Really, the hat that said 'Whitney' didn't tip you off at all?

tommy said...

I thought you bought the poster to show that there are in fact boys named "Whitney."

Really, that's what I thought, this whole time. I'm sorry.