A Brief Essay

My people are from Wales. And England. There's also some German in there from my Mom's side. These are the Dreizigackers. Or at least they used to be since there were only 2 daughters in that family. Now what's not Barnebey is Hall. And the Hall's are Mormon. In general I do not consider Mormon's my people. In fact I don't consider religious people my people. I don't understand them. Republicans aren't my people either, but not because I don't understand them, just because I don't agree with them. Which is very different, but has the same result.

Things that do encourage my camaraderie: playing games, eating cheese, telling smart but not pretentious jokes, telling pretentious jokes but facetiously, trying new things, appreciating good food unaffectedly, drinking Coors Light, and using a Macintosh during the mid-late '90s.

Incidentally, linguistics students are rarely my people. On the other hand linguistics professors typically are. This has both good and bad implications.

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The Moderatilist said...

It sounds like you're going to enjoy your colleagues and despise your students. That's like loving your wife and hating your children. My advice... adopt your children and then give them away.

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