The North Shore of WI pulled us in again as we were up By Ashland and Bayfield for the weekend. This time people did some running. As was discussed, I don't understand the whole running trend, and thus did not participate in that activity. On the other hand I did participate in our dramatic production: "Traveling With Judas", in which Joanna and I played the parts of estranged ex-fiances (she having slept with my father), who are traveling with the same group of friends. This was really just played out once, over the breakfast table at the Pinehurst Inn, and Joanna wasn't even there. But my new belle and I put on a good show.

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Alex said...

Oh you, with the fancy vocab for labels. No one is going to know to look that up.

Joanna said...

Hey! I just looked at your pictures. You did not pick the winner of the oldest division. You picked the showboater who thought he won. I won with the red sweatshirt kid. Nice try.

wb said...

Hmm, I think you're right about that actually. But I'm comfortable with picking the showboater. In fact, I feel like I still won.