Jenga; Lakeside

Scrabble close up
Madison's been pumping out some pretty enjoyable weather recently; I haven't shut my porch door in weeks. We took the Jenga blocks down to the lake today to make good on some of that enjoyability. I'm sure the weather would have been enough, but we brought a bottle of champagne anyway. And a Scrabble board, but just for structural support, not tile support.

Champagne Elephant
The 1st game went by too fast; it didn't take long for the top to fall off. We clearly hadn't gotten our Jenga-fingers back on yet. Also, we were distracted by the elephants in the champagne. The 2nd game turned out to be a nail biter though. Luckily I bite my nails all the time

This move was successful.
Jenga lakeside

This move was not.
animated Jenga