Saturday—now with more games.

In the continuing story of Games I Have Loved, Saturday in The Kee really brought something to the table. The afternoon got underway with a really satisfying round of Breakfast Scrabble over PBRs (I'm unemployed!) that Katie kicked off with LATTED. As in, "No, I'm fine. I just latted over at McDonald's, those McCafés are totally deck." And you can't argue with a game where you get to use HEROBEARS, my favorite kind of bears, and HIV-GLAZE. Ask for it at BW3s.
Breakfast Scrabble, Biance, HIV Glaze

Next came bowling. We had a variety of skill levels involved, and half-way through the ball return started hoarding our balls. Regardless, the event was a great success due to the beer, the hand-scoring, and the sweet sweet jams that group of black ladies had put on. Conveniently, by the time the Alanis Morissette hour started up we were off to game #3—Crapples2Crapples.
Bowling, BikeTub

This particular game was something of a watershed moment for Crapples. We've played our internet-cum-reality creation a couple of times now to cautious enthusiasm. Any festering doubts that it might not be as much fun as just reading the googledoc, or the distinct possibility that it would prove unaccessible to non-contributers, have been trampled thoroughly. By charging rhinos.

Game #4: Dancing!

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