Here We Go Again.

The best thing about being unemployed is that when someone calls you on a Sunday night and asks if you want to go to Potosi, WI in the morning to celebrate Marty King Jr.'s, you can say yes. And mean it.

I did mean it, and in the morning we were on our way to Wisconsin's 3rd coast with both a soundtrack and clearly defined goals. Southwestern Wisconsin, the proudly unglaciated portion of the state, was at our fingertips!

With the Mustard Museum on the move, we took the opportunity  to explore some of the area's other treasures. We'd stop by The Dickeyville Groto on our way home (my 2nd visit!), but first we wanted a little history/mystery in our lives. Hello Belmont Leslie, WI, the birthplace of a great state! We came into this experience with a few misperceptions:

1. The State of Wisconsin's 1st capitol was never located here; Wisconsin Territory's 1st territorial legislature meet here for a month and a half during the winter of 1836. And then promptly voted to make Madison the new capitol. Not the same.

2. Despite the sizable Belmont Mound a mile down the road, seemingly the perfect place for a statehouse, the First Capitol buildings are not there. [see #1, RE: not a real capitol] Also, they're on concrete foundations.

3. The First Capitol Historical Site is not open between the months of September & June.

Despite these set backs we celebrated with a quick game of Wisconsin Territory Legislator & Indian.
Legislator & Indian

After a quick stop through UW-Platteville (go Pioneers.), we were off across the ice-fogged hill & vale of County Rte. B. Our goal–The Potosi Brewing Company, home to Good Old Potosi beer and The National Brewery  Museum. What I was expecting: a brewery, a museum, a small town. What I was not expecting: the number of hollows we drove through/by. Take that glacial floe.

We never actually made it to the museum portion of the brewery, but they did give us a free slice of pie. Let's not call it a dream deferred, just a dream for another day.

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