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When 2010 was just around the corner we took the opportunity to get ourselves out of Dodge—and into a weekend of homemade log cabin lounging. 

Supplies needed:
1 homemade cabin
5 99¢ pizzas
3 cameras
7 people
1 typewriter

Games were played, dranks were drank, and Kumbaya was sung by two men with their eyes closed; all before our first proximity alarm went off. Luckily it was just an 11 minute warning, which gave us plenty of time to prepare for midnight. Per Katie's request, we then put everything else into fast-motion. By the time '010 rolled in we were knee deep in champagne, and pictures of champagne.

Soon after, I was knee deep in snow, which is a nice way to start any year. Then I decided to leave my camera in my left angel-hole over night. I know waking up New Year's morning without a camera seems like something I would have done already, but I don't think it was. Whitney experiences losing a camera in a novel way—Oh Ten

It was a bittersweet moment when I spotted it still sitting in my angel sometime the  next afternoon; saying goodbye can be so hard. But it turned out to be a classic win-win-win situation when it came back on: I won, my camera won, and the succeeding jumpshots definitely won!

Capping off the night at Hammertime, Crandon, WI's premier sports bar LLC, was the only thing left to do. So we did. And by capping I mean drinking beers out of caps. And dancing the polka to that AC/DC classic, Highway To Hell.

Rating: 9 Ws, out of a possible 10 Ws

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