Sweater; Roof; Typewriter

I got a typewriter in the mail today. It's a sleek little guy, and he came complete with a red & black ribbon, a #1 key(!), and an Operating Instruction pamphlet. This proved surprisingly useful early on in our relationship when it detailed how to set my line-spacing. The only thing he seems to be missing is a Tab key, which I'm not sure how my future typewriting experiences will be affected by yet.

Actually, this seemed like the perfect time to be a little affected. So I put on a sweater, a tie, and a pair of saddle shoes. And then got to typing.


Ms.Caitlin said...

(The typewriter, not the saddle shoes, although those are pretty sweet.)

schmatie said...

Hey Brother.

Is your De Luxe related to my De Luxe?

What's his name?

He looks pretty mobile, how do the cogs look underneath? Do they eat your pants or quilt while laptopping?

jrj said...

we definitely, in the future, will match. excellent.

Jobonga said...

I also have a beautiful typewriter. Mine is french. To really get typing I wear stripes and smoke. Affectation!

Should we all start assigning each other stories? What is the scoop? I'm restless. I'm no good at facts so I call the ops/ed page.

wb said...

His underparts are fully enclosed making laptopping a very pleasant experience, especially since his analogue memory doesn't generate any heat. I haven't come down on a name yet, something is going to feel really right though.

With jojoxo working the OpEds I propose the following:

schmatie/Alicia Keys: Arts & Entertainment (watching movies; writing about movies)
jrj: Illustrator and a Lawyer. And International Correspondent.
wb: Science (gems) & Technology (Apple products)

schmatie said...

Our publication needs a name as do all of your typewriters....

JRJ --

Joanna --

Whit --

Schmatie -- Alicia Keys

Are we writing from the point of view of our t-writers?

wb said...

I'm leaning towards Le Bleu Burazazu for my Brother De Luxe. Did you know he was made in Nagano, Japan? And that burazazu is a Japanese borrowing for brother, as in 'The Supa Mario Burazazu'.

I was also tossing around something like Guy Vandertype because of his De Luxe status, but it doesn't feel quite right. He may end up just being Gus.