Crapples2Crapples: A Brief History

»April 17th, 2009: the as yet unnamed Crapples2Crapples is conceived over beers at the Silver Dollar, post-Apples To Apples play at The Terrace.

»April 23rd, 2009: Apples to Apples, v. 2.0 googledoc created and shared with original participants; inaugural entry now forever lost to history.

»August 20-25th, 2009: Logo Contest/Logo Selection

»September 1st, 2009: Five Crapples2Crapples sets arrive in 1 perfectly sized cardtub; Booster Pack 1 googledoc begun.

»September-December, 2009: Crapples begins making appearances across the nation [Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Crandon].

»December 22th, 2009: Booster Pack 1 arrives, full sets sent to Boston; Philadelphia. Crapples now located in 5 cities nationwide [Madison, Milwaukee, Iowa City, Philadelphia, & Boston]

»January 18th, 2010: Boston submits requests for 2 additional sets.

It's been a meteoric rise, all made possible by copyright infringement! What's next? Booster Pack 2, coming this spring to a city near you. A short preview of what to expect:

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