Putting Out The Vibe

After the Ground Scrabble event on Friday it was time for the first Terrace-ing of the season. The sun really felt right. There were a couple of really satisfying chance occurrences while we hung around playing Apples To Apples over Miller Lite. And once the sun set over the lake we finished up with a few indie rounds of Flip Cup; then moved on with the rest of our Friday night activities.  It  didn't take very long though until we needed to go home, put "Don't Break My Stride" on repeat, and hangout with Kermie on my stoop. 
We threw out one more jump before leaving. Nothing was gonna slow us down!

Kermit doesn't seem to make it out of his rocking chair as often as he used to, but when he does, he really breaks it down.

[Look at that flipper to the face!]

I took him for a quick spin to relive old times

And here, Katie demonstrates the correct way to make a Frog Pie. It's all in the wrist. And the size of your frog.
I signaled Kermit's landing with 2 street flags. I'm going to admit that I've really begun to appreciate the designated neighborhood representative who refills our flagtub every couple of days. They do have their uses.

Unfortunately, Kermit only knows Japanese Semaphore, so he ended up with two broken eyes. Don't worry, I moonlight as an amphibious ocular surgeon on the weekends. He's fine now.

To finish of the night I took one giant midget stomp out of our tree. You don't want any of those things running around unsupervised. 


Alex said...

I'm really happy I'm not rooming with you for the Rishi wedding.

wb said...

You're worried I might try to make an Alex Pie out of you aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout! I feel sorry I missed all the Kermit related activities, however.