Do You Want to Live In Our Domicile?

Martin's moving out of our half-basement apartment at the end of the month. I'm not that picky about who he sublets his room to until our lease is up on August 1st, but there are a few things I'm really not ok with:
1. the elderly, or anyone else who has no reason living in a 2 bedroom with a 27 year old. Say a 52 y.o. single man.
2. religious types, or anyone who lists the BIBLE as their favorite book
3. adult film stars

Today Martin arranged for Kelley to come by and see the apartment. She had to cancel, which was good because Martin was starting to freak out about how to not offer her the spot. He apparently really doesn't like to disappoint people.


Tommy said...

dammit, this would've made for a much better blog.

Nick said...

I think that the addition of Kelley would be a boon to your blog posting

Jobonga said...

I bet if you got her a little drunk and then threw your arms up and yelled "I'm the pole," just like old times, you could get some great video footage. I say re-schedule.

Lucia said...

Wow. apparently the demise of the Isthmus personals section has driven these types to MySpace and Craig's List.