V-Ei Day

It finally happened.

Three months ago I bought a fake egg at the Iowa City Hobby Lobby. Since then my life has been consumed with plots, ploys, and poems; on Saturday morning, they all came to a delicious over-medium head.

In my latest attempt to get some white eggs into Martin's Deutsche Hände, I bought two dozens of them last week. Then claimed I had forgotten I had the 1st, and pawned off the 2nd to my egg-victim as an extra. As Saturday morning dawned, egg frying could be heard in the kitchen. Katie and I drifted in, feigning interest in the 4 eggs sizzling in Martin's pan. At this point I was crestfallen. I had been so sure he would finally get egg on his face, and yet no sign of the faux egg! Confusion reigned.

Then, on our way out the door, I ask: "Martin, how'd those eggs work out for you?".

Martin: "Oh, they were fine. Well, except for this one egg that wouldn't crack. I don't know, I tried hitting it really hard on the pan, but it must have been an unbreakable egg. So I threw it out."

[pregnant pause]

Whitney and Katie [with high five]: "Success!"
Trash Egg

In Meiner Welt Nur Mit Dir Allein


schmatie said...

Once that song starts, it doesn't stop until it's completed a 59 count play. Did you plan that?

It sounds really good in German.

Question of the evening:
Only two Professors to ever get kicked out of Harvard? I'll give you a moment...

wb said...

Didn't Timmy Leary get kicked out of Harvard? I guess that's what happens when you're always giving the man the business.

Alex said...

I can see you scheming like Elmer Fudd..