Sweaters on The Van Hise Terrace

It was a beautiful sunny day today in Madison, WI. I ate lunch out on the terrace. Not The Terrace, but definitely a terrace. We worked on the crossword while we ate. One in green Le Pen, the other in a red PaperMate FLAIR. It's true what they say, the FLAIR is great for editing documents and papers, I do all my grading with it now. Things did get a little tense around 24A: Bank (CAROM), because really, who's ever heard of a carom? And ATOZ didn't make any sense either, until we realized it was actually A to Z.

The last time you saw this sweater, the colors were all around you (and I was wearing the same shirt).
# of Frames: 36


DarcyM said...

i am worried you are developing multiple personalities.

wb said...

no Im not

Yes, I am.