Yes Ei Can

Eggy Sweaters (2)
I do not like them, will.i.am. I do not like fake eggs and ham.

I tried to fry them in a pan, I tried to fry them on the sand.
I just don't like fake eggs and ham.

I should not, would not, put them in his hand.
I could not, should not, hide them by the Pam®.

I should try them in a box,
by the bread or by the lox.

If I hide one in the jam, will he need Diazapam?
Oh Shazzam!, should I make a hologram‽

Could I put one on a bar, could I hide it here or thar?
Would he try it at Iftar, should I send them to Qatar?
Or, just call the registrar?

I will not try them in a pan,
I will not fry them in the sand.
I will not put them in his hand,
I would not hide them in the jam.
I would not eat them at Iftar,
I would not eat them anywhar!

But Martin will.

# of frames: 30


Alex said...

You are so odd.

wb said...

What, you've never written an eggpoem before?

schmatie said...

i take it this means fake egg success(!)?

Tommy said...

If Alex is calling you odd, maybe you need to do some reflecting.

wb said...

Not success yet, but the game's afoot (again).

wb said...

And Alex calling me odd is like Alex giving fashion advice: meaningless.

fuzzy j said...


wb said...

Stop naysaying.