Brutalism; Brakes

Drive By Sweatering

This afternoon Kermit, me, and I went for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood. Mostly we just circled the parking area looking for some cheap jollies, but we also found a couple of chumps hanging around by the carholes to pester. So that was fun. As is usual, whenever Kermit comes out into the open people want to talk to him, and now, two years after moving into this apartment, I finally know another tenant's name.

In a related note, the latest news out of The Kee is Jesse. I'm not going to bring my bike with me this time, but maybe we'll be able to steal somebody's tandem from outside of Wolski's.

The last time you saw this sweater it was raining, again. Which is appropriate, because it's raining again.

# of Frames: 71


Jobonga said...

This is too much! How did you sit on the handlebars?

wb said...

I hope nobody was videoing me figuring out how to sit on the handlebars, while holding a lifesize+ frog. It presented a challenge (N.B. # of frames).