Red Light, Blue Light

Rather than dye eggs like we did last Easter I watched Jesus Camp today instead. It's creepy, and not just because of the prominently featured rat-tail. I hope J.C. is down with me saying that on his big day. Some things I learned:
  • The devil wants your PowerPoint to fail; praying may prevent this from happening.
  • Nestlé packages The Water of God's Word in convenient 1/2 liter bottles.
  • It sucks to look like Harry Potter at Jesus Camp.
Also, homeschooling is exactly how I always pictured it, as shown by this fun scene where the kid-preacher/rat-tail grower and his mom learn to explore creation with physical science together.

Homeschool Mom: "If you look at creationism, you'll realize it's the only possible answer to all the questions."
Rat-tail: "That's exactly what dad said."
HM: "It's the only possible answer to all the questions."
RT: "Oh, yeah."
HM: "Oh yeah. Did you get to the part on here where it says that science doesn't prove anything? It's really interesting when you look at it that way."
RT: "It is?" 
HM: "It is."

Luckily, I had some eggs-in-a-holes and the Sunday crossword to keep my spirits up. And when Jesus Crazy finished, V For Vendetta was on tv. Which was strange for two reasons: first, because eggs-in-a-holes/eggy-in-a-baskets are featured (vaguely) in the film. And secondly, because I noticed for the first time that the bug-jamming device in V is just a Snuggie booklight fitted with a creepy red light. Others got there before me.

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Alex said...

One of the nice things about V for Vendetta is that the characters are so British.

"A little eggie in a basket, ay"