To be fair, you were flagging a lot.

Did you know today's Leslie's birthday? She called me up last night while driving back to The 'Boo and vaguely intimated that she might come all the way to Madison instead. Which was all I needed to commit myself to getting drunk on a Tuesday night.

Leslie and I are friends because of that time we camped out for basketball tickets and decided to inoculate ourselves against awkwardness with alcohol. It worked perfectly, except for when she left me lying face down in the middle of University Avenue. Anyway, double-ordering a couple of times at Flip Night felt just about right.

So did practicing how to cross the street at 2 AM.
Although her first attempt was unsuccessful (wrong angle, not enough gusto), Leslie was soon crossing the street like an old pro.

It was nice to see we're not the only ones to make use of the flags though. I got my phone out just in time to catch the tail end of this flag-facilitated street-crossing event that occurred as I got home this afternoon.

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