Bearding Through the Ages

For anyone who does not know, November is Beard Month. During these 30 days, all those who can, refrain from touching razor to face in righteous celebration of the Beard. A brief photo-essay of past beards:
Beard Month 2002. Rochester, NY. This may or may not be from my 21st Birthday Party.

The full extent of the beard in 2002, as seen during the Triathalon.

Beard Month 2005. Tommy may have participated for a week. Otherwise I was living with baldfaces.

Beards during Beard Month 2006. Taken at my 25th Birthday Party.

Beard Month 2006 T-shirt. Slogans (and orders) for the '07 shirt will be accepted through November 9th.

The final Beard in '06.

As November comes to an end some choose to continue their revelry and participate in Mustache Week, which is conveniently celebrated during the 1st week of December.


tommy said...

If I were you, I'd be wary of letting that last picture enter the public domain. It might come back to haunt you at the trial.

Wj said...

that second picture of you... sometime about a Triathalon... is arguably the most frightening photo I've every seen. Ever.

The Moderatilist said...

Oh the memories... each Beard Month has a different story to tell. That 4th picture was my first and hopefully my last overweight and unemployed beard month, arguably the darkest period of my life. In other news, I cannot participate in Beard Month this season due to employment restrictions, so I've taken to shaving my mons pubis every other day.

Joanna said...

Whitney you look like Merv in that first picture.