Sweatering in Phila., by a baby pig

I brought this sweater with me to Philadelphia anticipating cool weather, if not necessarily cold weather, on Thanksgiving. I anticipated incorrectly. Today's high was in the 70's I believe. That was good because it takes longer to cook a pig (c.f Darcy and the basting brush) in cold weather, but bad because it means I can't wear this sweater for long periods of time. And a pastel argyle of this quality deserves more face time than I can give it today. Darcy and I also have a special Thanksgiving Sweater Thursday surprise.

The Entire Barnebey Family+ clan celebrating Sweater Thursday.


Joanna said...

OMG. This is amazing.

Lucia said...

now Joanna, which one in this picture did you sleep with when you were cheating on your fiance?

Joanna said...

The hot one in glasses. Wait, do your parents read this, W?

wb said...

They say they don't. In the words of my dad, "some things we don't need to know..." That's probably for the best.