Out of Time™

This morning I finally made it through the above issue of Time Magazine, dated Feb. 5th, 2007. This marks the end of my almost 4 month backlog of Times. Over the last several weeks I've been slowly working my way out of the Time sink that I had gotten myself into. Today I'm proud to say that my self-enforced semi-weekly time alottment per magazine has paid off. Of course the new Time just showed up today. And I haven't read that yet. But I'm pretty sure that it doesn't count as backlog until it's at least a week old.

On another note, the word of the day is:

Inveigle: 1. To win over by coaxing, flattery, or artful talk. 2. To obtain by cajolery. Etym. - From Old French aveugler - to blind, from Vulgar Latin aboculum - away from, without + eye

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