Virizon [sic]

The following is the description of a party that someone I know got invited to on Facebook. I was really impressed by how educated the football team seems to be. Oh, and by 'Virizon', they mean 'Verizon'.

Its summer time, so we goin back on the roof-top. Above the Virizon Building on State Street. Come out and have kick it with us... No class or workouts on friday, so we will be gettin it all night long!

We got all the badgers there, past, future, and present. Bottles, Kegs, Music... you already know how we do. NFL Players will be in the building so its basically goin down.

Ain't shit else really hot on Thursday anyways, so lets get it! Church.

The Virizon building is on the corner of Gilman & State right across from Real Chilli and Triangle Market. See yall there.


sugar bear said...

somewhere, Buckingham U. Badger is not happy.

Rodrigo said...

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wb said...

Hey Ansley, why don't you translate that for us.

tommy said...

i think it says, "go fuck yourself, howard."