Karma Konversions?

I just took a trip to the DMV. Not unexpectedly I saw one of the most amazing perm mullets of my life. Short and curly up top, with a wavy mane of party down to the small of the back. It may well be the most extreme business:party ratio I've ever seen in a mullet. I was excited, and went for the camera phone. Before I snapped the picture he turned around though; this was actually a handimullet! Instead of forearms and hands he had 1 hook and 1 stub. I hesitated. Is it OK to take a picture of a mulleteer if they don't have hands? It's not like I was trying to take a picture of his hook, I wanted his mullet. Also, after interacting with him for 10 seconds I decided he may have a slight touch of the mulletard in him as well. That sealed the deal and I left without a picture. But what if he wasn't retarded? Is there a karmatic conversion rate for handicaps vis-à-vis mullets? How would a highly functional aspergermullet rate against a pegleg-mullet? What if it was Oscar Pistorious? These are serious question to which I do not have answers.

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colleenzo said...

Were you at the DMV here in Madison? I think that guy has waited on me before, too!