Thrifting in Out of the Way Locales

This afternoon I rode over to The Bethesda House of Thrift  out on the eastside to do some perusing of previously worn garments and to continue my support of the sharing of Christ's love. I was in search of some Halloween accoutrement: a suit, some skinny ties, a pocket square, some un-nyloned socks to go with my sock garters. And there was great success, including a $1 suit (an orange tag special!) and my very first cardigan of my own. I think this trip was not only the highlight of my day, but also that of the little old ladies who work there. They really appreciated how good I look in a suit, even if it's one that was made in the '60's. 

On the way home I got caught in Madison's first snow flurries of the season.

This is my bike handlebar.

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