My First Cardigan

What do you think I should keep in my little pockets?

When I put this sweater on my first thought was, "I'm the same color as my mailbox."  This turned out to not be true. Which is good, because I hate my mailbox. Too small, nothing ever fits. Also, you may notice that newspaper sitting there. It's not mine. But I guarantee you that the creepy guy upstairs thinks it is.

An old lady gave me this button on Tuesday.


Jobonga said...

Mustard. I love it. If it doesn't have sleeves, is it a cardigan or a sweater vest? What is the order of operations of buttons and sleeves?

Tommy said...

when are you going to wear the infamous Sweater-Picture Vest that I bequeathed to you before I left Madison?

wb said...

In instances like this it's useful to remember the ABCs of sweatering:


Fortunately, these operations are additive; the correct classification of this sweater is a Cardigan Sweater Vest.

Similarly, if it had a boat neck it would correctly be described as a Cardigan Boat Neck Sweater Vest. But in that case I wouldn't be wearing it.

wb said...

The Sweater-Picture Vest is an advanced sweater. Sweater Thursday needs to warm-up a little first before it's ready for it.

schmatie said...

You could probably fit JUDICE'S little baby arms in there.