This Wireless!

I spent the afternoon borrowing things from the internet at some pretty high speeds. It turned out to be one of your classic win-win-win situations.

Win #1: The 'k' Barrier. Goodbye 1,000 k/s download speed, hello 1.1 M/s download speed! I'd never seen that 'M' down there before and it felt good. Real good.

Win #2: The CIF Barrier. Which is sort of like The 'k' Barrier, but with different letters and a lot more emotion. Dealing with the post-Napster world was pretty unpleasant. There was KaZaA. But KaZaA sucked. Or sucks? I don't know. Is it still around? It doesn't matter, nobody cares. Luckily Rochester had the Computer Interest Floor, words I really never expected I would say. But they did host the CIF Server, available only to IP addresses from NYSERNet institutions, and chock full of really cool stuff. At really cool speeds. The world was at our fingertips! That 1.1M makes me feel like I'm back in college.

Win the 3rd: 5 seasons of Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Frank, & Sweet Dee on the Command Station.

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schmatie said...

Will you get season two of Six Feet Under for me?

Also, I guess they posted episode 5 of FNL exactly 3 minutes after I closed my eyes last night. Blast! Now I'll be thinking about it all day!