Typed Trivia

Step 1: Choose your preferred edition of Trivial Pursuit™ (Genus II).

Step 2: Choose your preferred typewriter (Ezra Pound-Katie, Kevin Arnold-Whitney).

Step 3: Beginning with player on the left, draw card from front of deck, ask each of the 6 questions.

Step 4: All player type their answers as questions are read (N.B. points may be deducted for poor alignment &/or irregular margins).

Step 5: After 10 cards have been asked, pass answers to player on your right.

Step 6: Read answers aloud, allot 1 point for each correct answer.

Step 7: Lose to Whitney.

Round 1 - Head 2 Head Trivia (W-25, K-19)

Round 2 - Trivia 2.0: Back in the Habit (W-23, K-16)

Final Score: W-2, K-0

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