A Case of Mistaken Locations

I left my house this morning at 4:05 AM to ride the holiday rails down to PHL. It's been a long time since I've flown out of a big airport during the Holidayz; Rochester and Madison never had much a line at security. I slipped onto my flight to MKE via DTW 10 minutes before scheduled take-off. Upon landing Svetlana showed me this:

It was a little unsettling. I tried to check in, which didn't help my case of the Oh-Shit-I-Got-Onto-The-Wrong-Flightsies. I was legitimately concerned that I had gotten onto the wrong plane.

Finally Qrank came through and straightened things out though.

Later, after landing in Milwaukee, Svetlana got herself all mixed up again. This time I was at Logan International. She knew one thing, I was definitely at an airport. Which one though?

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