Crossword Solved

I solved this today. I'm pretty proud of myself. More to come later.

The thing that about this puzzle is the tricky rebus-stlye construction. Notice 37A: Bargaining phrase ... and a hint to this puzzle's theme (ITSGONNACOSTYOU). As in an arm and a leg. Get it? Well sure, once you get 37A you're set. My problem was that I got 9D: One column in the periodic table (NOBLEGASES) first. And instead of entering LEG into one square I thought there might be some twisting clues at work in this puzzle (follow the blue arrows), as that is another trick Mr. Shortz likes to keep up his erudite sleeves. Misleadingly, this actually fit with the rest of the answers in the northeast corner. 36D: Food company whose name is spelled out in its advertising jingle (OSCARMAYER) was originally entered this way as well, until 51A: It tends to increase with income (TAXRATE) necessitated some reconsidering. Not until it became clear that 17A: Events for some teens had to be some type of mitzvah did I figure out what was really going on here. Finally, I would like to discuss 60A: Something never shown in bars (CIRCLEGRAPH). First off, this clue needs a question mark. Second, I feel like 'circle graph' is pretty marginal. It's called a pie chart. Graphs have axes. A little disappointing Will, a little disappointing. (I did enjoy 45A: Follower of red or 50 (CENT) though.)

Oh, and we went for a run at 4:00 AM last night. Although there was some blowback from this, over all a good decision.


Alex said...

Oh yeah, that crossword seems really hard... Only you would post a blog about it.

DarcyM said...

you seem very smug. More smug than usual, which is hard to accomplish. cut it out.