The Whitney Pizza

It's been slow in .blog world lately. Thursday night Tommy, Leslie, and I came up with a few good ideas. Then I promptly forgot them. I was reminded the next day, but they didn't seem as good at that point. One thing I would like to bring up is that the Café Montmartre has a pizza named after me. Or at least they have one called the "Whitney Pizza". And since there weren't any answers forthcoming about why it's called that, I'll take it. Luckily it's a pizza to be proud of with two cheeses, spicy sausage, peppers, and probably some other things I don't remember.

Another topic was The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. Tommy and I, et al., were suckered into the first episode of this while watching the college basketball finals. This is sort of ironic because nobody wanted either Ohio State or Florida to win in the first place, making the basketball game a lose-lose situation. The Bachelor managed to pull off the storied lose-lose-lose hat-trick. I won't actually go into what happened on the show, The Sports Gal does it much better here. Two comments though:

1. There's something really disconcerting about how overly excited this guy gets about just seeing the girls on the show. Maybe it's the navy in him coming out, but he ends up looking like a fat girl who's just been told about the gag reflex.

2. If I am ever in the situation in which a woman thinks that it would be a good idea to serenade me with an acappella rendition of The Star Spangled Banner I will know that I have failed at life. The bachelor obviously feels differently about this. His tears aborted the little fetus of respect that was already atrophying in my belly.


tommy said...

from what I remember of Cafe M, you didn't like the pizza. You were disappointed, and disowned it. I don't know how you can say you're proud of it now.

A couple things you forgot to mention re: the Bachelor. (1) when he was asked intermittenly, how he was feeling about all the "ladies". His response was, "Wow, I'm pumped." This happened at least twice. High comedy. (2) He went to Duke AND is in the Navy. He must be a robot. He can't be a gentlement with those credentials. 3 Smirnoff Ices, and he's pawing every titty in sight.

DarcyM said...

I do not know tommy, but must agree with him. However, i did heartily laugh at your last sentence in regards to the already atrophied fetus. Great imagery, really.
Any man that can wear a uniform and do any feat of bravery is pretty much a woman magnet. Add on a prestigious education, and well, he is unstoppable.
tommy- whitney is hostile at times, especially while intoxicated, did he mention this disownership while tipsy?, because then it is null and void.

wb said...

tommy, stop hatin' just because nobody's named a pizza after you. I conferred with Leslie about this and she agreed that there was no disappointment and certainly no disowning.

tommy said...

Howard, you were not disappointed in the pizza itself, but that you shared the same name, and could not gather a reason for this being. It had no "Whitney" qualities, you said.

and i'm fine with not having a pizza named after me. I do have the "Turkey Tom" at Jimmy Johns.I'll take that over the Whitney any day.

Darcym, I am aware of Howard's anger issues.I've seen him tear down surveillance cameras, and been involved in a hallway brawl with him. We won, in case you were wondering.

DarcyM said...

Howard, you are good at expressin'. Now you need to start repressin' a bit. even the score.

tommy said...

I think your next blog should revolve around our 14th and/or 16th Presidents. Please.