California: a Photo Essay

A brief overview of my favorite times in the CA:

This is Muir Beach. We drove there in the Taurus. Then we hiked to Pirates Cove along the Pacific Coast Trail. Leslie gave up, but the rest of us made the aaaarrrduous journey. When we got back to the beach we stopped off at The Pelican Inn for a pint and a plate (of cheese).

At our hotel in San Francisco we got upgraded to a suite, with king sized bed. This was either because of the "Mofchenroff" incident or because of how attractive I am. Here we are in bed together.

And here we are napping together.

After a dinner at Bar Crudo, where we proceeded to eat them out of oyster, we headed to Swig. There we met Leslie, Lily, and Matt. This picture is during a short pause of the dancing machines. Later than night Darcy demanded Orangina and David and I shotgunned a beer. Joanna officiated, as she is wont to do.

On Sunday morning, after Dim Sum, David and Darcy attempted to blend in with the San Francisco natives. Then David bought a jacket.

I bought a pair of waffle racers at Nike Town. I really like them.

We played Scrabble. In case there are any questions as to Darcy's play:

quid quids \ n pl. -S a portion of something to be chewed

Darcy, Joanna, and I went to some lighthouses. This is the Point Bonita one. We were told that when small children and/or goats were taken across this bridge in days of yore, they were tied down so that they would not blow away. Darcy refused to be tied down.

In this picture we find that our heights increase on a linear scale.

We rented a red mustang for the week and drove up to Santa Rosa to stay with my grandmother, a.k.a Marnee, the Nana, or L.M. This is us in the mustang. Notice Darcy, she is in the backseat.

Here is Joanna farting outside of the car.

Here I am farting by a beach.

We drove through a redwood tree. We all thought this was very American. It was.

This is us on a log, a long way from anywhere. Except for the pot houses of Southern Humboldt County. Ranger Rod took this picture for us. He was knowledgible on many subjects including otters, abalone, marijuana, seals, and backwoods tree removal.

Here we are after breakfast with Nana. She is short, but hates it. We had to surprise her into taking this picture.

We also played Scrabble by David's pool. I particularly enjoy the whole 'oh/hot/toss/toe/sob/seeds/bear' brouhaha. Very impressive scrabbling. In addition, this was one of the closest Scrabble games I have ever played.

David and Darcy had just finished their bucket of margarita, ahead of Joanna and I. They were the sleeper candidates and it was upsetting.

After the night out in San Jose, Joanna and I held hands. So did Darcy and David, which is funny because Darcy is short and David is not.

This is a seal waving to us in Point Lobos State Park, south of Monterey. How cheeky.

This is us at Point Lobos State Park. I like the candidness of this picture, which is a self-timed shot gone awry. Also, although it was a warm day, my nipples are quite prominent.

Saturday night we had dinner at the Davenport Road House. Our waitress was either an idiot, or an inexplicable hatred for us. If you ever go, ask not to be seated in the dumb blonde's section. This will hopefully help you avoid spending an hour and a half without food. After dinner we lit a fire on the beach and drank wine. Darcy and Joanna danced in the fire light. It was magical.


The Moderatilist said...


That's how you blog about your vacations.


p.s. Whitney, Nice job. If only you'd done as good of a job on those bagpipes.

DarcyM said...

Yes David. you are always right. Whitney, I didn't put quids on the board. Check your facts first.

wb said...

Who played 'quids' then? And don't get smart with David just because I actually described our trip in more than 3 sentences. It was a good trip, it deserved a good blog.

Alex said...

Quid can only be singular. I should know, I was just in London Eng-e-land. Glad to see that the travel Scrabble board survived Mardi Grar 2007.