The Development

For those who really wanted to see: Poison Ivy , but don't click if you don't want to see some nasty business.

The pics really don't capture the full scale of what was going on with my body actually, but they get the idea across. Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of the whole thing is how good scratching can feel. I can usually control myself by preemptively applying balm, but every so often a case of the itchies comes over me and there's nothing to do but scratch it. When this happens I go slightly crazy. Once it starts I can't stop it and the itching gets harder and faster and better. Then I realize that I've started to break the skin and I've been moaning in pleasure while doing it. Weird. You can see the direct result of one of those sexual itch sessions on my lower leg in the pictures above. That one occurred while Martin and I were waiting for a bus last night. I'm pretty sure it was (rightfully) making him uncomfortable.

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DarcyM said...

get on the roids. Start a cycle. You will enjoy it.