Where the Yellow Pus Flows

Today was a day of mixed blessings. This morning I came to the realization that I have fat kid arms. This is a result of the gnarly poison ivy I have on my arms right now (and knees and ankles). I've moved past the isolated red bumps and now the arms are a swollen mess of red blotches and pustules. I have been wearing long sleeves this week to keep this delightful sight out of view, and so nobody accuses me of passing them syphilis. For anyone who is interested I would not recommend bushwacking your way through a thicket on the Jersey Shore. Even if your older brother dares you to. If you do you will end up with arm cankles. Like I do. And they are arguably the worst variety of cankles.

Later in the day a FedEx package arrived. This was the good part of my day. Last weekend my cell plotzed, and in a big way. Luckily it wasn't my fault and Verizon sent out a new one. Unluckily it was Labor Day weekend and it didn't get mailed until yesterday. But, now I not only have a cell phone again, I have a new cell phone. I now must pause for a vigorous rubbing of the arms. Mazel Tov.


mcj said...

I feel bad, I do. But I also can't stop laughing. Please take a picture.

L said...

Oh Whitney, that could be even worse than my disgusting foot injury (see recent post)

Only because it covers much more surface area and probably really itches.

Alex said...

I hope that the new cell phone is as a good a dancer as the old one.