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MSN may have the 3rd highest average ticket price but I bet it has at least the 3rd most convienient bike rack also. Madison isn't exactly an airline hub of sorts, so it's not surprising that its flights aren't cheap. But how is Cincinnati #1? Doesn't a Delta hub do anything for you? Also, Atlantic City's average is only $100. But you can only fly to Florida (and possibly beautiful central Delaware), which isn't really that useful.

Milwaukee is revealed as the most coupon clipping-est city in the country (40% of adults say they do it). Followed closely by Rochester, NY (38%). The article correlates this to unusually high readership of Sunday newspapers in these cities. Which makes sense, but why is Sunday paper readership in these cities so high to start with? That's what I want to know.

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Wj said...

I for one have never been able to understand why Cinci is so expensive. I know I always had a hard time rationalizing flying to PA when I could easily fly to the Baltics for about the same. I always thought we should be rewarded for living north of Kentucky and trying to get out of the mid-west.

Oh wait, CVG is in Kentucky.